Sunday, April 12, 2009

In honor of Easter...

Sunday, April 12, 2009
I present to you not one, but TWO images of the Faberge eggs that I was lucky enough to glimpse and study last week at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

The Danish Palaces Egg, presented to the wife of Alexander III, Maria Feodorovna. Maria was Danish, and the surprise inside of the egg (I think they all contained surprises) was a 10-panel triptych with images of her favorite spots in Denmark and Russia. Of course I appreciated the egg's lovely, delicate nature, but it was memorable all the more because of the familiar names-I've been to the Amaliensborg Palace! My better half is half-Danish, and I take any opportunity to learn more about my mother-in-law's heritage.

The Blue Serpent Clock Egg, presented in 1887 to the same tsar, Alexander III. It was eventually passed down to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and he gave it to his wife, Grace Kelly. She loved the egg and kept it on her desk. After her death, the Prince couldn't bear to see her things, and sealed off her chambers, where the egg languished in dust for years. Amazing what one can learn from an audio tour!

As I am rather culturally inept, I was completely unaware of the stunning beauty of the Legion of Honor. It is a truly magnificent museum, worth visiting just to admire the European facade and view from the grassy knoll near the entry. It certainly won't be the last trip I make!

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