Sunday, February 24, 2013

still trolling, Oscar edition

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taking a weekend break from my relentless barrage of thesis stress to report on some of my recent favorites.

Police blotter  for posh Silicon Valley community.

Special edition posters for the 2013 academy awards.  I'm partial to Amour and Argo.

Have to try this immediately.  I've been really into sesame oil lately.  Over at Sprouted Kitchen, a similarly delicious-sounding recipe emerged last week.

Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey mashup. I would totally buy this on iTunes.

Ben and Leslie tie the knot.  They're not exactly Jim and Pam, but I love Parks and Rec for what The Office is not: a (slightly) more realistic version of what small town government might really be like with a bevy of characters to care about.  The jokes are more clever, and maybe the sweet moments are even a little sweeter.

Movie-inspired menus for the Oscars 2013.  I've just completed my Persian Rice.  Love this time of the year.

Catching Fire first promotional posters are out.  I agree with Lainey-these seem much more interesting than those for the Hunger Games.

Sweet printable Oscar ballots, via Studio DIY, a beautiful new website I discovered courtesy Luella and June, the gorgeous, glossy, incredibly impressive fashion blog of my cousin's soon-to-be bride.   Thanks, Bradley!  Of course, I was not on top of the game enough to have snazzy tubes for my ballots.  This had to suffice.  For the record, I will reveal (just a few hours early) that I will be attending my intimate family party as Tiffany Maxwell.  Also for the record, I include an image from Argo not because it was my favorite, but because I'm 99.9% sure it's going to win.  Ben Affleck directing snub + Ben Affleck super campaign=Best Picture.