Tuesday, April 15, 2014

starting over yet again

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Does anyone remember that episode of SATC, when Charlotte was attempting to get through a rough patch in her life with a mèlange of self-help books? I always thought the completely obvious titles were funny, and the one I used as a header for this post was particularly memorable.  My BFF Rose and I have often referenced it over the years, and I have decided to employ it here as I attempt, yet again, to get back to this little space.

It will not surprise you to know that the main reason behind my lack of blogging stamina is pictured above, my staggeringly handsome and sweet little partner of every day.  Though he still naps (gloriously) every day, he often ends up snuggled up on our bed, under his favorite Thomas blanket, and while there are always things that need doing, I crave these cozy moments together.  They won't last forever.  

I'm trying to be a better planner with my blogging-writing a couple of posts at a time and saving up, so hopefully it won't be so quiet here.  I've said before how nice and satisfying it is to be able to post something-there are days when it might be the only non-domestic thing I accomplish.  I was researching ideas for A's third birthday party (HOW CAN IT BE?!) and all it took to get me fired up about writing again was checking out a few fun blogs.  I'll never be known by more than my loyal few of course, but blogging can really be such a nice hobby.  

In sum, there will be more here soon!  Our favorite books as of late.  Report from my latest Kings of Leon concert.  Multiple salmon recipes.  Deep and meaningful thoughts about Divergent.  Basically, what you have come to expect from me.  

See you soon!