Monday, April 27, 2009

Clearly, I need to hone my gardening skills.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I have mentioned on numerous occasions the sheer brilliance of the incredibly fertile, rich California soil. Most probably, you could march out to even the tiniest patch of green earth somewhere around here, toss a handful of seeds of any sort in the air, and return perhaps only days later to find an abundance of leafy, flowery, or simply green growth. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if a stray watermelon seed in the summer, sucked dry of its deliciously pink juice and carelessly, casually tossed aside onto the well-meaning grounds of a city park, would miraculously produce a huge, zebra-striped melon, in due time. Such a situation would not be shocking to me, at all.

We planted the lavender ourselves, but had no idea it would be accompanied by such beautiful roses, WHICH, by the way, have the purest, most intensely rose scent that I've ever smelled.

What you see are the darling beginnings of MY apricots, beloved favorite fruit of Katie W, who eagerly awaits each summer so that she can sink her teeth into the delicate, peach-colored flesh of an apricot. Yes, I do enjoy occasionally referring to myself in the third person.

While I know you might think that possessing a citrus tree couldn't possible get better, it DOES! Observe the most lovely and delicate white lemon blossoms, hanging with an unspeakable fragility to the tree. I seem to recall my beloved Anne of Green Gables speaking wistfully of Prince Edward Island brides wearing orange blossoms in their hair-one can see why it would be so appealing. The scent is absolutely intoxicating. Unfortunately, bees feel a similar passion for these trees, and veritably swarm them the moment the blossoms arrive. From a biological perspective, I know that's a good thing.

Thus, I have no real explanation for the intensely delightful surprise we encountered as we witnessed the arrival of many blooms, blossoms, buds, and fruits, springing forth from the carefully tended bushes and branches lovingly planted by the previous owner of our home. The (few) months that the house spent languishing on the market seemed to have had no effect on the general well-being of the garden, nor has my lack of gardening expertise and stubbornly non-green thumb caused it to suffer. Granted, I have been blessed with the assistance of my extremely knowledgeable mother-in-law and HER green thumb-were it not for her admonition, I might not have known to furnish a bed of potential iris bulbs with rich, nutrient-enhanced soil. Still, the hardiness of the flora and fauna in our yard has truly impressed me, and I will endeavor to ensure that every spring is just as fruitful.

Yes, this is the iris I managed to save! Is is not lovely?

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