Thursday, January 8, 2009

There's a dryer in my kitchen!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today was yet another day in the lengthy quest to finish the installation of the washer and dryer. It marked the fourth day that the two brand new, lovely appliances have been parked in the middle of the kitchen. I have persevered thus far with cooking dinner, but finally gave in and ordered pizza tonight.

My job for the day was painting the wall where the laundry hookups have been installed. It was a fairly simple task, although it wasn't fun craning my neck and balancing precariously on my stepladder whilst painting a patch of ceiling that was uncovered when we took out a cabinet to make room for the dryer.

In the luxurious stretches of time while coats of paint and primer were drying, I watched old episodes of 24 (I'm having my own personal marathon in preparation for the season 7 premiere on Sunday), started Beowulf, my reading for class next week, drank a toasty mug of mint hot was lovely. Being semi-retired is really not half bad. By the way, I say semi-retired not because I currently have a job, but because I don't plan to be without one indefinitely. Perhaps when the house is fully moved into?

I did unearth a few more boxes, and joy of joys, found ALL my cookbooks. They're now sitting prettily on my new bookshelf, as you can see, just waiting to be lovingly thumbed through. I must admit, I've been somewhat selective about the boxes I've opened. I've walked away from several non-promising ones in the hopes of finding good ones!

Stuck in a pile of cookbooks I came across A Call to Character, a book that my mom purchased for all of us last year. It's a great collection of literary pieces, each selected to represent a character trait, such as loyalty or compassion. I highly recommend it for teachers, mothers, or anyone who simply enjoys classic literature. I'll include a tiny gem of an excerpt here.

from "A Bargain for Frances", by Russell Hoban (yes, the same Frances in my childrens' book list)

"Well", said Thelma, "from now on, I will have to be careful when I play with you." "Being careful is not as much fun as being friends," said Frances. "Do you want to be careful or do you want to be friends?"

Isn't that a good bit of advice for life?

Oh, shoot. I just realized, upon gazing with happiness at my cookbook shelves, that I actually haven't found them all. Just when I began to convince myself that my shockingly large collection of cookbooks really isn't that bad, certainly not an indication of compulsive buying and/or evidence of a cookbook addiction...

Well, it would have been nice if I had managed to pen my Top Chef recap by now-the episode was great! I shall never be able to compete with the EW columnist if I can't finish my recaps by the day after airing! I should really get started on that!

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Andrea and Arthur said...

I knew you would choose that quote (the scallops). It is EXACTLY the quote I would have chosen had I written about that episode. xoxo