Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009
Now, this is not a fashion blog. I am not the least bit fashionable, at least as far as a sense of originality or real passion for fashion goes. I'm known in my family as the one who buys the outfit on the mannequin.

I do, however, enjoy critiquing, admiring, loving, and loathing the gowns of the stars on awards show nights, so I decided to include my favorites from this year.

Kate Winslet, the classic beauty:

*By the way, I found it quite difficult to obtain photos WITHOUT Leo. I think you still get the idea of the loveliness of the dress.

Eva Mendes-I adore the combination of white and turquoise, and her skin is perfect for the dress:

Isla Fisher-I love this dress. It's a bit unusual, but absolutely right for her:

Jennifer Morrison-The ladies of House were all quite stunning this evening, but I liked Cameron's dress the most:

There were a few choices that I wasn't quite sure about. Drew Barrymore wore a periwinkle blue dress (Pretty Cheap Dress, did I get the color right?) that might have been just a shade too light for her skin. Tina Fey's dress was certainly more glamorous than her usual style, but I wasn't completely swept away by it. I thought Angelina's sparkling gown looked slightly frumpy. Yes, I did not feel the need to include her surname. I'm sure you all know exactly who I'm talking about.

As for the worst offenders of the evening, I'm going to have to go with J-Lo, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Renee Zellwegger, and Glenn Close. Too reminiscent of a certain green dress, anything slightly resembling animal print is no good, sheer black gowns with strange sleeves are a bad idea, and GLENN! Are you TRYING to look 20 years older? You bear no resemblance to the vicious, yet stylish, attorney I watched on Damages this past Wednesday.

What did you think of all of this fashion?

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J & Co. said...

Yeah, dude, Drew's dress was a mess! I hated that look alll together! It washed her out---it kind of made me think she had a relapse and was 9 again. You are so right, the House ladies got it soo right! Sorry for the delay: I am not as quick with my blogging words...didn't peel away from GG sites/cites yesterday. Oh, but I did watch the Bach-looor! (at least the 2nd hr). I can't remember if I laughed "OMG" when Jason quizzed the one girl (and she knew everything) or everytime one of the girls would like describe, like, what she felt like to Jason. Like. "Like, I love you." I'm so sure. Like.