Sunday, January 25, 2009

more pearls of wisdom from Pally Thompson

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Way back when, I wrote a post inspired by Bobby Rex's Greatest Hit. I didn't include all the best bits, but as of late, I've felt that I can't NOT have my favorite passages in my blog. I loved the whole experience of reading Bobby Rex's Greatest Hit, but these words struck me at the core with their raw veracity.

"That's now," I say. "I'm talking about then. They had a car with the roof blowtorched off that they called the Sardine. It was a heap, and the one time I rode in it, I thought I was going to die."

"Why do you still like them?" he asked.

"It's easy to like people you don't really know anymore. You can even forgive them." Then I look at him meaningfully. "It's the people you know who are always the hardest to love. You expect so much from the people that you love that you are bound to be disappointed."
I feel that these words have a painful, truthful poignancy. Isn't it true that we expect the most from the people we love? We hold those individuals up to almost impossible standards, so we shouldn't be surprised when they're the ones that eventually let us down. I don't mean to sound resentful, or negative-I happen to think those words are a beautiful illustration of what makes us all human.

This is why I loved Bobby Rex.

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