Friday, June 7, 2013

the greatest event(s) in television history

Friday, June 7, 2013
Right off the bat I'm going to warn you that there is a bit of adult content in these videos.  Not anything so inappropriate that they're NSFW, but there is a crass phrase or two.

Now that my little PG-13 warning is out of the way, please enjoy these hilarious shot-for-shot recreations of the intros to two deliciously silly shows of the '80's, featuring the talent of Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, and Jon Hamm.

Hart to Hart.

Entertainment Weekly's review of the Greatest Event in Television History

How on EARTH did I miss the Simon and Simon bit? It came out MONTHS ago!  I have an especially soft spot for the original show-it was one of three or four that my parents enjoyed watching when I was growing up.  We didn't have a television, so in the evenings the three of us would walk to my grandparents' house (just up the hill from ours) and the adults would watch while I ran around and amused myself.  My grandfather and dad would often dance with me when the theme songs came on-back then, the theme song of a show was like a little movie trailer, featuring popular scenes and a long, dramatic score that became comfortably familiar.  The other shows they loved included Magnum P.I. and Dallas.  It really was the '80's.

Simon & Simon.
Entertainment Weekly's review of the FIRST Greatest Event in Television History.  Be sure to watch the original intro to Simon and Simon.  I miss Gerald McRaney.

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