Saturday, June 29, 2013

out of control

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh hello, Fresno pepper-I didn't see you there.  

I feel terrible for my photo-centric laziness of the past few days, but this thesis work is. killing. me.  And I am too proud of my daily posting habits for June to let a day slip by me.  Seriously, though-these tomatoes are RIDICULOUS. It's like The Ruins out there!  The bowl is only a fraction of our bounty.  And we could have even more if I knew anything about how to properly plant and harvest.  I need many, many cages and stakes to contain the growth that has ensued from FOUR little plants!  

In need of delish tomato-based recipes!  Send help! 


Unknown said...

Epicurious has some great recipes! Chilled tomato soup with avocado is always a hit. Bill builds cages for ours. I'll send you a picture! Enjoy your blog!!

J&Co. said...