Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Thursday, June 6, 2013
I've held onto a few of these finds because they're so wonderful, like the Office cast visiting Scranton. Most of them came from my afternoon web jaunts in the last few weeks.

-The Office casts visits Scranton in advance of the series finale. Love this photo mosaic on NBC's website, too! Of course, I had to include a nod to PB & J.

-Reading about Crayola crayons. Love the gorgeous photos.

-I NEED to find some ramps and make this pizza!

-The Hollywood Reporter's potential Emmy nominees for Best Dramatic Actress roundtable.  Whew, that's an awkward sentence! I haven't watched the entire video, but the transcript is great.  Especially love Monica Potter.

-Amateur Gourmet is a new-to-me blog, but definitely a happy find.  It was the obsession with Ina Garten that won me over.  I too, find myself mesmerized by Ina's warm dinners for Jeffrey.


-25 signs you're addicted to books. It's a bit crass, but I admit that #17 rings quite true for me, followed by #18. I also find myself at #25 ALL THE TIME.

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