Saturday, June 1, 2013


Saturday, June 1, 2013
I've long looked for a way to enliven my blog's appearance-I loved my original header, designed several years ago by my tech-savvy SH, but I began to grow weary of the narrow margins and wished that I could somehow sift through the mountain of templates available to find something that worked for me.  I may not be such prolific blogger myself, but I certainly spend many hours a week perusing my favorite blogs, and it was one of them that inspired me to seek out the designer, Stephanie of Stephanie G Designs.  Her work was just was I was looking for-clean, modern, and fresh, without lots of clutter.  I bit the bullet, ordered one of her packages, and here is the end result!  I love it!  I gave her practically no input on what I wanted, just a few color preferences, and she managed to create something that suits me perfectly.  She's a master.  Now, I obviously have an extremely short list of readers, but if any of you feel the need to spice up your blog space, Stephanie will give you $5 off if you use my name.  She is a total pro, extremely speedy and communicative, and has great intuition on what you're asking for.  I am so very happy with the new look.  

One reason I desired a blog change is because I really want to get back to more regular posting.  There are lots of reasons not to-often, the last thing I want to do at the end of a day is more writing, even if it's of the fluffy pop culture kind which you are so accustomed to hearing about from me.  It's easy to say nothing would really be lost if I gave it up.  I'm not a typical mom blogger, and my blog has no laser focus on any specific topic.  I certainly contemplated stopping completely, as many of you probably have.  It wasn't until I read this post,  that I knew for sure I wasn't ready.  Kristin is the author behind The Kitchen Sink Recipes, a blog I stumbled upon years ago because I was immediately attracted to the name almost identical to my own.  She has never posted on a daily, or sometimes even weekly, basis, but I love her recipes and photographs, and I've always liked to read the blog.  When I read the introduction to the aforementioned post, I felt a pang of sadness, sure that Kristin would be another blogger ready to close up shop.  To my great happiness, the opposite is true, and she provided me with just the words I needed to hear.  

My little blog, even though it is so little read and has perilously little focus, is nonetheless a tiny space in this world for me to be creative, to express my interests, to use the language of an adult instead of the texts of a Dr. Seuss book or the never-ending efforts at simple, patient replies to my adorable, but early-in-the-throes of the frustration that comes from not being able to express oneself perfectly at the tender age of almost 2.  No one may ever read what I write, but at least I'll have done something that I enjoyed, a bit of mental exercise, so to speak, even if all the "heavy lifting" happens to be about the characters of a television show.  

Yes, the photo I've chosen for my makeover blog post is somewhat unconventional.  It's pigs, hardly the beacons of fresh, clean starts.  I happen to love it, however.  It fits beautifully within my new margins.  And those are piglets, PIGLETS!  Believe me, there is hardly a cuter baby animal than a piglet.  These were very young when we first saw them.  They live at a working farm not too far away where you can wander around the grounds, walk through the barns, take a hike through the forest, and generally escape from any semblance of urban life.  Baby A loves it, in no small part because of the chickens, which you can feed and then chase with wild abandon.   

I do aspire to be here in my little corner of the Internet more often-I don't want my new look to be no for naught!  Thank you, loyal few, for sticking with me.  Hopefully there will be lots of entertainment silliness, pop culture gems, and maybe even a recipe or two here before long! 

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