Monday, November 1, 2010

the devil in the white city

Monday, November 1, 2010

Due to my compulsive daily visits to, I am on the veritable cusp of all entertainment news. Really, you should try me. I'd practically pay someone to prove me wrong. Where does this knowledge get me, you ask? The answer is a disappointing nowhere, unless I'm challenged to a rousing game of Scene It or participate in an Oscar ballot competition. Pop culture is a hobby that I simply cannot relinquish!

Thus, I feel compelled to share on this little blog of mine the "newest" of news about one of my favorite actors, the incomparable Leonardo diCaprio. After a significant amount of effort, he has signed on for the film version of The Devil in the White City, an excellent historical novel documenting the first World Fair in Chicago, which coincided with the murderous rampage of one serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Leo and Tom Cruise have been in something of a battle to bring the story of Holmes to life. Cruise bought the rights back in 2003, but Leo was so committed he opted to use public documents to craft his own version of the story. He finally acquired the rights himself, and will now be playing a killer for the first time (at least, I'm fairly certain it's his first real villainous turn-you would think I would know!).

It's going to be good. Mostly because the book is great-I highly recommend checking it out-but not in small part because Leo just doesn't make many mistakes. If any.

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