Tuesday, October 12, 2010

latest movie recommendations

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As I am wont to do when it strikes my fancy, I've decided to gather a list of the up and coming films that I've decided to see. They're of course the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the talk of the town. I've already mentioned one or two of them, but fall tends to be a time for awards-potential releases. Clearly, I'm going to be very busy.

the king's speech. The true story of King George VI and his nervous stammer has already made a big splash in the festival circuit (seriously, I sound like a professional here-Entertainment Weekly, hire me!). Colin Firth is a shoo-in for a Best Actor nomination, and considering the Best Picture field has broadened to 10, it may have a shot. I think it looks great, and not because of my admittedly strong preference for anything British. You must confess, the trailer is quite moving!

127 hours. Another true story here, though far removed from the simple fear of a stutter in the shadowy rooms of an English castle. Instead, imagine your greatest problem is that despite your considerable skill as a mountain climber and outdoorsman, you've managed to wedge yourself in a canyon, arm pinned beneath a boulder, and the only way to survive is to CUT IT OFF. I don't mean to make light with this description, or trivialize-the story of Aron Ralston is truly incredible. James Franco is said to put forth an astounding performance, which is impressive given that it's likely he carries the majority of the movie alone. I'm a big fan of director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) too, and the cinematography looks excellent. I will warn you that there were multiple reports of people falling ill at the theaters during the various early showings. It's a lot to take watching a man cut off his own arm!

due date. I don't care if you think Zach Galifianakis is the same in every movie. That is, as Ross would say, "FINE BY ME!" I find him to be ridiculously funny, and I LOVE the pairing with RDJ, who rarely makes a bad move this days. I was of course laughing throughout most of this trailer. P.S. This addition to my list is for fun, of course. I'm not trying to pass out Oscars here!

the fighter. This must be the year of the biopic/true story. "Irish" Micky Ward and his down and out brother Dickie Eklund were both welterweight professional boxers in the 80's. Dickie, famous for almost taking down Sugar Ray Leonard, did indeed become his brother's trainer when he returned to boxing after a few rough years. The project was simmering for quite a while, which isn't always the best sign for a film, but Mark Walhberg reportedly poured a lot of passion and energy into the project, which has switched directors and was originally slated for Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. Thank goodness for the change! I feel that Mark Walhberg is one of the most underrated actors around-he recognizes roles that are good for him, he works consistently, and as a bonus, he's a big family man. Also, for the love of Pete, let Christian Bale finally be recognized for his fine, fine work (I say this completely objectively, choosing to ignore his maniacal outburst during the filming of Terminator Salvation).

blue valentine. I am dismayed to report that on the day the much-anticipated trailer was finally released, Blue Valentine was slapped with an NC-17 rating. I am no fan of gratuitous sex and violence in my movies, but I'm going to go ahead and jump out on a limb now and say that giving this movie, an admittedly painful and realistic look at a relationship/marriage and its ups and downs, such a rating is incomprehensible. I've read multiple articles both before and after the news of the rating that express shock and disappointment, and Harvey Weinstein is negotiating with attorneys now in hopes to make a change. I just cannot believe that movies like the Saw franchise and Hostel can escape the MPAA with an R rating. It's an atrocity. I am confident that Ryan Gosling's amazing skills will shine through, ratings snafu or not, and Michelle Williams is reported to be equally great, but it would be a terrible shame if their potential for recognition is marred by the rating.

I cannot in good conscience make my latest movie list without including the final full trailer for HP 7! Rereading the last book has left me beside myself with excitement for the premiere date. In fact, I'm already having movie theater anxiety. I really have a problem...

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I had to re-read the sentence on Marky Mark--so, it's NOT "He has a BIG family man..." :)
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