Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Yes! It's my second Top 5 Tuesday! I've been eagerly anticipating it, as I came up with my second topic almost immediately after composing my first entry last week. Which means I've been tapping my feet and twiddling my thumbs for a whole week, waiting for today. Yes, in case anyone is wondering, I am semi-retired and don't currently have a job. Thus, I have time for contemplating my Top 5 Tuesday ideas.

I've decided to make this week all about my favorite television characters. I'll admit my shameless devotion to a select few favorite television shows! I should mention that these characters are my favorite, but not necessarily the ones who could be nominated for Golden Globes or Emmys for their performances. I would have to make another list for that-House, Don Draper, etc. Now, upon reading my list, you'll notice that all five are male characters. They do beat out my favorite female characters, I have to say. I could always have another Top 5 Tuesday devoted to the women, I suppose. I haven't forgotten you, Pam Beesley!

5. Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights. On a show that is inexcusably overlooked, Coach Taylor radiates dignity, subdued passion, and a quiet strength that is remarkable. I'm quite attached to the show itself because it reminds me so much of home, and while I love the action sequences and the nostalgia-inducing football games, what is equally special about the show is the way that Eric Taylor portrays the struggle and joys of being coach, husband, and father. It is CRIMINAL that he has not been recognized for his work.

4. Jim Halpert, The Office. Jim, Jim, Jim. As if I could ever create a list of favorite television characters and not include you! From season to season, the audience has been treated to the "slow burn" and development of television's sweetest romance, witnessing Jim's disappointment, courage, and commitment, and cheering from our couches when he finally proposed. Not only is he tv's best boyfriend, he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to pranking Dwight or guiding Michael in the right direction. Sweet, funny, and insightful, Jim is a huge part of what makes The Office great.

3. Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights. Now, some would say that Tim Riggins is not worthy of a Top 5 list. He's kind of a mess, can barely complete a homework assignment, and is probably in the earliest stages of alcoholism. Even though he's smart enough to know he should avoid his deadbeat brother's often illegal get-rich-quick schemes, he never fails to be there as a willing accomplice. Despite all of this, however, Riggins has the biggest heart of any of my Top 5. He jokes with the nervous freshman football star, taking him under his wing and convincing him not to break up with his "gal." He gives his unwavering support to second string quarterback Matt Saracen, being a quiet leader without much fanfare. He helps brother Billy drown his sorrows, full well knowing Billy isn't really together enough to be much of a provider for them. He stands between his girlfriend and her guilt-crazed father, not to humiliate him but to gently remind him that now isn't the time to drive her further away. And, most importantly, he will go to the ends of the earth to protect, help, and save his crippled, idealistic best friend. Clearly, I could write an essay purely based on the merits of Tim Riggins! Oh, I should also mention that he is NOT AT ALL hard on the eyes. As you can see.

I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! I just HAD to include that last one-it is a PERFECT representation of Tim Riggins!

2. Seeley Booth, Bones. Now, Bones is one of my favorite shows, largely due to Seeley Booth. He brings an emotional, human element to his partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, who struggles to separate knowledge and science from real human connections. They have a strong chemistry, right up there with Jim and Pam, and I can only hope that the show's writers and producers won't "jump the shark" and give up the tension for some tawdry Grey's Anatomy-like scenes. Booth is great not only for his strength as a talented FBI agent, but for the lightness he adds to the show. He always wears crazy belts and socks, mocks the forensics team that helps him solve cases, and enjoys turning on his rogueish charm when debating human nature with Brennan. He's a great dancer, and his Hallowen costumes are absolute winners. I love him.

1. Jack Bauer, 24. Was there any doubt? This isn't the first time Jack has been mentioned on my blog, and I'm sure it won't be the last. From reading my list and noting my romantically-inclined leanings towards books and television, you might wonder why I'm so fond of someone who is so clearly an action hero. Well, a quote from A Few Good Men comes to mind. During the trial, Demi Moore's attorney character is asked why she is defending the accused Marines, or why she likes them so much (I can't quite remember the context of the question) and she says this: "Because they stand on a wall and say, 'Nothing's going to hurt you tonight...not on my watch.' " That is why I love Jack Bauer. He relentlessly pursues justice and truth, no matter the cost. And he does it, flawlessly. Seriously, no one even comes close-he could face a room of 50 armed men and I have no doubt he'd escape them. He has continued to careen about Los Angeles in a stolen SUV despite having stopped breathing for a few minutes, used a bomb meant to kill him to escape a locked room, ripped the ear off a terrorist that was holding him hostage, and fought off a heroin addiction that he developed on an undercover job. All in a day's work. A modern-day superhero...

Hmmm...next Tuesday.


Lindsay R said...

I can't believe that Jim was only #4!

J & Co. said...

I can't believe Brody Jenner wasn't on this list! I think you should start every top Tuesday list with him!!!