Friday, December 12, 2008

He's looking for more than love.

Friday, December 12, 2008

No, I do NOT have a problem with confessing my absolute attachment to The Bachelor. I KNOW the premise is lame, I KNOW that none of the couples work out, I KNOW it's just an excuse for women to act absolutely ridiculous. Doesn't change that it's quite possibly the most entertaining show out there. I double over in laughter at least ten times per episode, and there is hardly anything more satisfying than predicting the crazy behavior of each woman on the show. If you're not convinced, read this, otherwise known as the BEST BLOG EVER. You'll be a Bachelor viewer for life, I promise.

I should note that I'm having flashes of Brad "I'm Here to Find My Wife" Novak after I watched this preview. Geez, Jason! Have you at least researched the track record for this show?


The White House said...

Caleb and I watched the season with Doctor Travis religiously. It was so funny. Those ladies get so worked up. Did you see that season? Remember the lady who was a doctor who had a temper tantrum when she got kicked off one of the first episodes? And she was talking about her eggs getting old. Super hilarious.

I just left you a comment on one of your other posts about a blog makeover giveaway I am having. check it out!

Andrea and Arthur said...

Ummm....this is why I love you. Your unabashed confession/embrace of trashy television. I'm a pretty big bachelor fan myself. FYI - "I don't want diamond starbursts or marble halls, Gil. I just want you." Frank.