Friday, October 3, 2008

I haven't posted anything significant in the past few days, because...

Friday, October 3, 2008
We bought this!

It's our new house!

In only a few weeks, my wonderful husband and I will officially be California residents! Finding this gem of a house happened very quickly, but a LOT goes into the whole buying process, as you can imagine. It's been a very busy time, with lots of papers to sign, money to be moved, and phone calls to realtors/mortgage advisers to be made. We consider ourselves to be very lucky, and we're so excited!

My new kitchen:

Isn't that window so perfect and cute? I love the green and white tile as well. We plan on painting the cabinets, as that particular shade of brown isn't all that appealing to me.

Possibly the best thing about the house:

An avocado tree, LADEN with avocados! Can you imagine? How lucky can I be?! To think of all the times I begrudgingly placed only one avocado in my grocery cart because of the exorbitant cost of buying two or three. Now I'll be able to pluck them from my own tree at my will! There are so many things I've been looking forward to about having my own home, but the one thing that I've been anticipating the most is cooking in my own kitchen. I am looking forward to writing about what I make!

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