Sunday, May 2, 2010

spring playlist

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ah, the budding, blooming month of May. Time to (finally!) put away my rain coat, clear out a plot for my tomato plants, and open the windows each day so as to thoroughly enjoy the cool, fresh breeze. Time to start organizing my thoughts for the paper due at the end of the quarter. Time to start figuring out what I'm going to be wearing to the approximately 5,000 wedding events I'll be attending over the summer. And, despite the perfection of my last list, time to put together a soundtrack for the spring.

No Sound But the Wind-Editors. Yes, I know. It's a rather dramatic song. Or melodramatic, whichever you prefer. There is actually a lyric about "the kiss of the snow." Gah. Besides belonging to a lovely scene in my beloved Twilight saga, I was drawn to the song because of the constant reference to "carrying the fire", a poignant line oft-repeated in The Road, arguably one of the best books I've read this year. I'll write about it some time.

This Too Shall Pass-OK Go. I heard this song first because of the Rube Goldberg-inspired video, which is obviously awesome. I challenge you, however, to find a single person who doesn't find themselves smiling a bit as they listen. Let the morning come.

Cheated Hearts-Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The first of three, yes, THREE tracks that I flat-out stole from my BFF. I can't help it, her taste is incomparable!

Fader-The Temper Trap. I spent MANY an afternoon basking in the sun and listening to the Temper Trap's contribution to the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, "Sweet Disposition." This one is almost as addictive, and perfect for the FINALLY warm days of spring.

Dead End Justice-Dakota Fanning + Kristen Stewart for The Runaways. Let it be known that I selected this number for my spring playlist simply because "I Love Playin' with Fire", the song Kristen sang alone for The Runaways, was not included on the soundtrack. Hence, the inclusion of Dakota Fanning. Don't get me wrong, Dakota was a perfectly acceptable Cherie Currie. But my Kstew? Not only did she completely capture Joan Jett's performance persona, she nailed the look. SHE GOT A MULLET.

Black Thumbnail-Kings of Leon. Sometimes I like my music to be a bit hardcore.

Giving up the Gun-Vampire Weekend. I find Vampire Weekend to be bright and uplifting, sort of in-your-face catchy. Their most recent album release was super-hyped, but I'm not sure I enjoy it as much as their earlier stuff. This particular song is an exception.

Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)-Florence + the Machine. As I mentioned in my winter playlist, Florence + the Machine is a new find. I'm eating the album up! It's one of those "every song is worth the purchase" situations.

Darkness Is So Deep-Hurricane Bells. You can thank the Twilight saga for introducing Hurricane Bells to the world. Their song on the New Moon soundtrack was one of my favorites, as you can see, and I downloaded their debut album as soon as it was released. Oddly enough, the album as a whole couldn't sound more different from their offering on the soundtrack, but I still love it. Hints of My Morning Jacket, sort of eclectic and funky. Definitely worth a try.

Swim Until You Can't See Land-Frightened Rabbit. The one downside to my best friend's Twittering? I'm unable to resist looking up the songs that she hears, Shazams, and then tweets about. I purchased a whole album's worth of songs over the past few weeks! It's getting out of control! As usual, her ability to discern up-and-coming talent is incredible. A few days after downloading this delicious Frightened Rabbit song, I read an article about the British bands unable to make it to Coachella because of the smoking volcano. One of them was Frightened Rabbit. Of course, I thought.

Lover of Mine-Beach House. Melodic and haunting, the duo that makes up Beach House are apparently quite popular these days with the college crowd (according to monthly Rolling Stone top albums lists). I wish I had been that diverse in college, listening to unusual indie stuff instead of Jennifer Lopez-Ja Rule collaborations and Dave Matthews.

All for Love-Serena Ryder. My lovely and beloved sister introduced me to Serena Ryder, and I immediately understood why she loves her. The husky-voiced Canadian's angst-ridden, folksy-sounding pop is exceedingly pleasing, even if it breaks your heart.

Little Pieces-Gomez. "Pieces falling from me, you can have them for free..." Love these guys.

Abandon Ship-The Sorry Kisses. I might have to confess that I watch Grey's Anatomy just for the opportunity to hear bits of new music, like this one. It's pretty much all the show is good for, save any scenes featuring McSteamy's wit or the occasional Lexie Grey meltdown. I find those moments quite entertaining.

Keep the Car Running-Arcade Fire. Love this song. It inexplicably makes me feel hopeful.

I'll Build You a Fire-Seabear. A discovery from the Indie Spotlight Sampler that I raced to download, and incidentally, the only song on my list that I find myself humming constantly. I suppose you could say that it lingers more than the other songs.

Wicker Chair-Kings of Leon. One of three delectable KOL b-sides that I recently discovered. I listened to them incessantly and determined that "Wicker Chair" was my favorite and belonged on my spring playlist. Interestingly, I reread the Rolling Stone feature on the Kings recently and Caleb specifically referred to this song as being one of their best. I tend to agree.

Help Yourself-Sad Brad Smith. As we all know by now, I'm completely helpless when it comes to tunes sweetly placed in movies and television shows. This one lurked in "Up in the Air", waiting to snag me with its poignant and touching lyrics and soothing sound. "I know you'll help us when you're feeling better and we realize that it might not be for a long, long time..." A timely, wonderful song.

(bonus track) Married Life-original motion picture score, Up. I know that an instrumental track doesn't very well belong on an actual playlist, but I couldn't leave it out completely. I downloaded the track that belongs to the heartbreaking, pitch-perfect opening montage of the sweetest animated movie you'll ever see. If you must know, I was inspired to get it after the interpretative dance for each of the nominees for Best Song at the Academy Awards. Shoot, did I just undermine the entirety of my musical expertise with that confession?


Tyne said...

On my way to check out some of your goods! Love your taste in music...

J&Co. said...

Undermine indeed! As always, great list! I haven't heard half those songs (I believe..). I am always happy w K Co playlists! Send me sommme :)

Katie Oh said...

That video is amazing!