Monday, October 26, 2009

autumn playlist

Monday, October 26, 2009

I've moved on. I've put aside my beloved summer playlist in a quest for greater musical horizons. I've decided that "taper jean girl" is so last summer and clearly indicative of my curious love for the movie Disturbia and its dashing young star, Shia LaBeouf (the song was prominently featured in the flim). I've opted to seek out newer, cooler, acts, the more hip and up-and-coming types that frequent Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo. I've turned to my musical guru, Pretty Cheap Dress, for assistance. I've...

Who am I kidding?! As IF I could turn away from my twin musical loves, Coldplay and Kings of Leon. That delectable summer playlist has continued to spin on my simple school stereo and comfortably blare from my Ipod each day on my drive to school. It just so happens that a few new favorites have emerged, warranting the creation of an autumn playlist.

I'll confess immediately that the New Moon soundtrack features heavily on my autumn playlist. Setting all Twi-obsession aside, it's AWESOME, and I highly recommend that you download it immediately.

meet me on the equinox-death cab for cutie. This song was the first release from the soundtrack, a hint at great things to come. It's not typical Death Cab fare, in my humble opinion, but still a very cool song. It's possible that I may be biased because of the gratuitous film clips in the video, but I actually think it's very fitting.

bang! bang!-the knux. One of the two songs from my free Austin City Limits 2009 download. I could not stop listening to it.

zero-yeah yeah yeahs. If I was a responsible, fit person, this song would definitely go on a "Workout" list on my Ipod. Right now, I use it to pump myself up when working on paperwork.

strawberry swing-coldplay, left right, left right (live album). No list I make will ever be devoid of Coldplay. This song is the epitome of sweetness. I feel overwhelmed with affection every time I hear the thunderous, yet subtle, opening strains.

the bucket-kings of leon. My playlist is, once again, very KOL-heavy. Part of the reason is that I would like to expose the general public to KOL's earlier stuff. I think this album (Aha Shake Heartbreak) is their best, even though I'm totally sucked in from the minute I hear Caleb Followill's voice. He could be singing about garbage, and I would still be enraptured.

song for you-alexi murdoch. A really sweet, simple song. I've been listening to Alexi Murdoch for year, and I'm always soothed.

lasso-phoenix. Pretty Cheap Dress was MOST impressed by Phoenix when she attended ACL this year. Of course, I immediately checked them out, and was pleasantly surprised, as usual, by her apt review.

monsters-hurricane bells. I can't wait until the release of the first Hurricane Bells album. Thank you, Chris Weitz, for finding Hurricane Bells, and spreading the love!

red morning light-kings of leon. An offering from the very first KOL album. I haven't been to a concert yet, but I hope when I finally get the chance that they play at least two or three from their first go-round.

i gotta feeling-black eyed peas. Is it lame that I heard this song for the first time at a wedding a few weeks ago and totally dug it? It's probably been playing on the radio for days, maybe even months. I'm so out of the proverbial loop.

sweet disposition-the temper trap. By far, the moodiest, coolest song on my autumn playlist. It's a discovery from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, and I can't wait to hear more from them.

a white demon love song-the killers. It's kind of quirky, but that's to be expected from The Killers. I'm into it. Plus, the Edward and Bella connection is so obvious!

in the middle-mat kearney. I have a soft spot for this song, and I can't explain exactly why. Mat Kearney is an interesting guy, and his songs are always unusual. "No parachutes, or safety nets here..." Awesome refrain.

pistol of fire-kings of leon. A perfect example of why I was plunged into a dangerous KOL addiction. Is it pathetic that I know Caleb's first name is Anthony?

there is a light that never goes out-the smiths. "To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die..." Yes, I discovered this classic gem when watching 500 Days of Summer. I've listened to it over and over, so much that I can repeat each word longingly, and perform a perfect imitation of Zooey Deschanel in the elevator, sharing her affection for the Smiths with a soon-to-be-smitten Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

you belong with me-taylor swift. I love her. She's darling, a total gem. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE, TAYLOR!

slow life-grizzly bear. Give this one a chance. I know that you'll hear the opening strains and feel doubtful, but the chorus is so moody and delicious that you'll immediately know why I had to include the song on my list.

wavin' flag-k'naan. My second ACL discovery. I was attending the wedding of a dear friend during this year's festivities, but I continue to be impressed at the selection of unique acts. I wish I had been there to hear K'Naan-I'm sure I wouldn't have been disappointed.

mystery in the making-eli young band. Long ago, Pretty Cheap Dress told me that I would love this song. She is never wrong. It's the bit of country on my list.

forever-chris brown. Let it be noted that I do NOT endorse Chris Brown and his abusive ways. I simply could not leave it off the list, when the song "forever" is so permanently imprinted in my brain as a connection to Jim and Pam.


J & Co. said...

Ahaha! What a great intro! Love the list. I can't wait for you to see the Kings in show. Yay! Now I know what to suggest for your winter list :)

Tyne said...

I love your playlist. I am going to download those as soon as I catch up with technology and ditch my record player! Just kidding, but it is fun that my kids play with the same record player that their daddy played with when he was a youngster (hmm... I see a future post in the making).

Tyne said...

K- just downloaded most of them onto You know about, right? Also, you need to check out Dolorean's music if you haven't already. Also, praying for you...