Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starting Over Yet Again

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a struggle to come up with a pithy, interesting blog post title when you've been painfully absent for days. Weeks, actually. I know that I have a good excuse. In fact, even on top of my family's concerns, I have more work for graduate school and more responsibilities at my day job than I've ever had. It's been a tough few weeks. Plus, my time management skills are sorely lacking. I've never been really the best about getting things done.

Thankfully, I have a pile of recipes stored up for posting about, a few movie/television related news bits, and of course, the obligatory Twilight posts. I want to write about our wonderful weekend away at Point Reyes (a hint of which I've shown above), my fave songs of the fall season, and how even though I miss the extra time I used to have to recap Top Chef, it doesn't seem to matter in light of the fact that the final four chefs seem terribly obvious.

For now, I'll stick with my prized pictures of the best birthday gift ever, sent from my BFF Rose (aka Pretty Cheap Dress).

Could there BE a better gift for me? Is it even possible? A bag to cart around all my books and various sundry items, plastered with an image of my most beloved band? Be still my heart, Rose!

I can't post a picture of my new bag without showing its creative packaging. Look, it's my very own Louis Vuitton bag!

I'll be back. Soon...


Tyne said...

Katie, wow... I am earnestly seeking the Lord on your behalf daily. I want you to know that I believe that the trials that y'all are going through are directly correlated to how great your testimony will be when the Lord brings you through them. I have been praying for your mom and brother some specific verses, but for you and your sister and dad, I have been praying 1 Peter 1:6-7.

Take some time to mull over those verses and I am sure that they will bring hope to your heart! Love you much and praying for you daily.

J & Co. said...

AH! Lookie there! It's our boyfriend Chris! and my art project Louie! I am glad you liked, er loved the gift(s). This made me smile. As did the title of this post. Oh, the many "Starting(s) Over(s) Yet(s) Again(s)" in our(s) live(s). Love you!