Monday, August 10, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have opted not to carefully analyze the bios of the chefs competing for the next Top Chef title. Instead, I will eagerly await my beloved show's premiere, on August 19, which is much sooner than I had anticipated.


Of COURSE I've already scoured those bios. Here are a few brief comments, in bullet-point format:

-I already love Kevin Gillespie. He's a red-haired, bearded chap from Atlanta, his favorite junk food is hot wings, and he included lard on the list of ingredients he always keeps on hand. Clearly, he's a gem.
-I findJennifer Zavala intriguing. Born into a Mexican and Italian background? Does her talent extend to both of those esteemed, heavenly cuisines? It would appear that she focuses on the Mexican side, working at El Camino Real in Philly, and concentrating on Tejas and Nortena flavors. She's my kind of girl.
-BROTHERS Michael and Bryan Voltaggio! A first for Top Chef! Genuine sibling rivalry! I'm a little dubious about them, considering they're both acting typically arrogant in the latest promos. I've decided to throw my support to Bryan, because his favorite simple summer recipe is comprised of hangar steak, sweet corn, and arugula. Plus, he looks less a thug in his bio picture on the website.
-I think Jesse Sandlin is cute as a button. VERY tattooed. Is she our next Jamie? I don't know that Jamie would ever wear a flower in her hair.

Who knows what the rest of bunch has to offer? I literally cannot wait to see! I'm hoping that they'll provide me loads of material for a decent recap each week. Going back into the work force will likely prevent the luxury of multiple viewings per episode, but I'm really going to try to be on top of things!

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