Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Playlist

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the midst of all my summer travels, I realized that my attached-at-the-hip-Ipod tended to return to a certain group of songs. Even if I employed the shuffle function in an effort to enjoy my fairly substantial library or had an inevitable need for a Coldplay fix, I always found my thumb quickly scrolling for Kings of Leon or one of the many delicious Pretty Cheap Dress playlists, mashing down on one of the songs that I could not stop playing. Whether I was on a wonderful European train, dunking hunks of nutty German bread into Nutella or winding down the twisting road towards Carmel, these songs would cheerfully (or in some cases, mournfully) blare from my headphones and speakers. They provided my summer soundtrack, and even now, with autumn steadily approaching, I'm still listening.

taper jean girl-kings of leon
You'll notice my list is VERY KOL-heavy. This particular song is my favorite, from their second album, "Aha Shake Heartbreak." Even though I love their most current album, the one that finally garnered American recognition and made the band a bit more mainstream, I think their earlier stuff is the best.
death-the white lies
Cannot stop playing this song. One can imagine my heartbreak upon discovering they're touring with both Coldplay (in Europe) AND the Kings, but on the opposite coast.
hologram-katie herzig
One of the many songs from Pretty Cheap Dress's South by Southwest playlist.
all my days-alexi murdoch
Alexi Murdoch provided virtually the whole soundtrack for Away We Go, one of the best movies I saw this summer. Very mellow and soothing.

skinny love-bon iver
When Pretty Cheap Dress texted me from Bonnaroo, proclaiming the wonder that is Bon Iver, I thought she'd spelled something wrong. Surely she mean to type "Bonnaroo", I thought. Of course, I was the one mistaken. As usual. Now, there are rumors that Bon Iver will be included on the New Moon soundtrack. I can't wait to see what song is chosen!
wake up-arcade fire
I confess that I became enraptured with this song after watching the preview to Where the Wild Things Are. I have a weakness for music in trailers.
on call-kings of leon
An offering from the third Kings album.
Another confession, which you probably won't find at all surprising. I frequently check Stephenie Meyer's website, and this tune comes straight from one of her playlists.
new day-tamar kaprelian
LAST CONFESSION! I heard this on The Hills. It gets worse-it was playing when Lauren left Heidi's wedding alone. Yes, I did watch that episode. Feel free to judge.

the hardest part-coldplay, left right left right (live album)
I never paid too much attention to the original version of this song, but the first time I heard the slow, piano version, I almost cried. Sometimes, Coldplay brings on an inexplicable burst of emotion.
california waiting-kings of leon
From the very first KOL studio album. A perfect song for driving with the windows rolled down.
airstream driver-gomez
Yet another delight from the SXSW playlist. I have a few Gomez songs sprinkled through my library, but I think this one is my favorite. Also great for road trips.
cable tv-fol chen
Courtesy of Pretty Cheap Dress, perfect for summer. Like a spoonful of ice cream.
turn to stone-ingrid michaelson
I am no Katherine Heigl fan, but I easily overcame my aversion for a few brief moments when this song provided a devastating, heartwrenching background for Izzie's ill-fated wedding to Alex.
soft shock-yeah yeah yeahs
Pretty Cheap Dress brought this album on her last visit, providing my first real introduction to Karen O, a VERY popular rocker chick. Of course, I didn't know much about her at all, which is usually how it goes.
ali in the jungle-the hours
LOVE this song. It's a good one for right before a stressful time, or for running. Which I never do.
angel from montgomery-bonnie raitt and john prine
My dad loves John Prine, and of course knew right away that he'd written "Angel from Montgomery", before I even finished telling him about it. John Prine can be quirky, but this song is divine.
orange sky-alexi murdoch
I could listen to that line "My salvation lies in your love" over and over. Conveniently, Alexi Murdoch repeats it frequently throughout the song.

I suppose I'll have to start gathering a few favorites for fall, but I'm not ready to put this list away yet.


The White House said...

What in the world? Where have I been? The only ones that I have heard of are Alexi Murdoch, coldplay and the yeah, yeah, yeahs. I am going to have to check these out (or rather, have Caleb check them out) and expand my very minute list!

I really regret that we didn't spend more time irl at Camp Meeting. Let's make a point of it next year, hoping you'll come by our wild cabins as it is tough to breakaway!

J & Co. said...

YAHHH! Aw, I love to hear when you enjoy something I think you will like :) Make me happy! Conducting NMR now...New Music Research. A fall list is in order!