Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Month's Worth of Top 5 Tuesdays

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Way back when, on the last Tuesday for which I managed to produce a list, I hinted at my idea of having a whole month devoted to a wedding theme. Isn't June still quite the popular month for weddings? How appropriate, then, that on this Tuesday, the last day of June, I complete my lists for the past three Tuesdays, which I have shamefully missed.

I have separated my lists into three distinct categories: best weddings (movies and television), best wedding moments (movies) and best movie kisses. Obviously I'm the sappiest person you know. Hope you enjoy the lists, though! Perhaps I've missed something devastatingly romantic and important?

Top 5 Weddings

5. Shelby Eatenton and Jackson Latcherie, Steel Magnolias. "My colors are blush and bashful, Mama! They are two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other." Despite the dark cloud that so obviously loomed over this pair, how can anyone not adore this wedding day? We meet Annelle! The groom's cake is a grey armadillo! It's the smaller, more poignant moments, however that really make it special: Jackson sneaking into Shelby's bath to convince her she should still marry him and M'Lynn sharing Shelby's bad news post-diabetic attack cause me to choke up every time.

4. Marianne Dashwood and Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility. It's not so much that I adore Marianne and the Colonel, more like I have always been so satisfied by what the wedding represents: a state of happiness for both lovelorn sisters. Elinor and Edward, my favorites, look on happily as the beaming couple stride out of the church, and everything seems right with the world.

3. David Silver and Donna Martin, Beverly Hills 90210. I know what you're thinking. How in the world can I rank TORI SPELLING so high in a Top 5 list? Say what you will about the remarkably resilient now-reality star, her character's wedding was one of the BEST ever. Loved it. Pretty sure I cried. I think I'm done with shameful confessions for the day!

2. Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing, Friends. You already know how I feel about Monica's dress, now you know how I feel about her wedding. Not an overly romantic wedding at all, but just right for those two.

1. Annie Banks and Brian Mackenzie, Father of the Bride. This, of course, is the quintessential wedding movie. More about the relationship between the father of the bride and his daughter than an over-the-top love story, I think what I love best about it is that it's the most real of all these films. You can actually imagine all of the events that occur happening to you, and you know that getting married caused your dad that same pain in the heart.

Top 5 Wedding Moments

5. Mark tells Juliet how he feels about her, Love Actually. I know this isn't technically a wedding moment, but since it comes on the heels of a wedding, I felt justified in including it. Mark has just helped arrange Juliet's wedding to his best friend, Peter, in spite of the fact that he's desperately in love with her. What I love about the scene when he comes to her door, placards and boombox in hand, is that he never intended to change anything or interfere in her life (this isn't a celebration of adultery, people!!). He just wanted her to know how he felt. There is something incredibly romantic and real about it. "To me, you are perfect."

4. Robbie serenades Julia on the plane, with the help of Billy Idol, The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore are a great match in romantic comedies, and I think this particular pairing might be my favorite-it's hilarious, there's an awesome 80's soundtrack, and the ending is perfect. Keep in mind, Julia and Robbie get married in the last moments of the movie, so even though this also isn't officially a wedding scene, it is a prelude of sorts!

3. Arwen and Aragorn reunite, The Return of the King. Even now, after having seen the movie time and time again, I always get a huge lump in my throat as I watch Aragorn's face when Arwen is revealed to him. The look on his face-it's the look of the truest, deepest love. I remember the very first time I watched the movie, which was when I was still dating my SH, I felt I recognized that look. Yes, I did just compare the way my husband looks at me to a movie star's gaze! You know, come to think of it, this isn't necessarily a wedding scene either, is it? Perhaps I should rename the list...

2. Gilbert's proposal, Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel. I hate writing out "The Sequel" there, but as that is actually the name of the movie, I can't help it. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of times I've watched the movie, or how many thousands of times I rewound this scene. Anne is my literary counterpart, the beloved character that truly influenced and shaped my childhood, and the one I always related to the most. While this movie deviates from the books to a degree, it's close enough for me to my favorite of them all, Anne of the Island, which chronicles the relationship between Anne and Gilbert. When Anne and Gilbert take that walk on the bridge, they already know what the future holds, which is why the certainty on Gilbert's face as he clasps her hands and confesses that he can't give her the Cordelia-like future she dreamed of in childhood is so unbearably sweet. And what does Anne say? "I don't want sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you." Ahhhhh....maybe I'll put that movie on right now.

1. Julianne gives Michael and Kimmy their song, My Best Friend's Wedding. By far my favorite of all wedding movies, and one of my favorite movies in general, my favorite part of the whole thing is the scene at the end when Julianne is trying to make her way through the crowd of well-wishers, hoping for the chance to tell Michael goodbye. (Did I just write "favorite" three times in the same sentence? Oh well, it's late, and I can't be held accountable for a lack of originality at this point in the night) Just when she thinks she's truly lost him forever, in more ways than one, he appears, hugging her close for a minute, letting her know in that brief moment that he loves her, in all the right ways, but she just wasn't the one for him. He has undoubtedly been inspired by her emotional speech in which Julianne bequeathed their song, "The Way You Look Tonight" as a wedding gift, and apology for her wretched behavior. Both Michael and Kimmy recognize the significance as they hit the dance floor.

Best Movie Kisses

5. Leia and Han, The Empire Strikes Back. Yet another of the movies that I've watched a 100 times over, this particular kiss marked the beginning of my passion for Harrison Ford. Whilst other young girls my age had crushes on Mark-Paul Gosselaar or NKOTB, I felt that no one could be as appealing as Han Solo. No one. I distinctly remember, in fact, back in 1992, when I realized that my beloved Han was, at that time, 50 years old! The horror! Totally out of my 12-year old reach!

4. Arwen and Aragorn, The Return of the King. Please refer to the previous list.

3. Noah and Allie, The Notebook. This movie is undoubtedly one of the most romantic movies I've ever seen, and it stars two of my faves, Rach and Ryan. It was only made better by the knowledge that the two fell in love IRL (in real life), which is what everyone wants for their favorite movie lovers. It didn't last, but at least we'll always have Noah and Allie's reunion in the rain.

2. Josie and Sam, Never Been Kissed. It was a difficult decision to place this kiss at number 2, because for me, this scene was PERFECT. Down to Josie's little gold shoes, visible as she drops the microphone, the audible sighs of disappointment and then eager rumblings in the crowd, the PERFECTLY chosen, wonderful "Don't Worry Baby", and Josie's response when Sam tells her that it took him forever to get here. "I know what you mean," she says. I could, and have, watch the scene on repeat, probably for days, and not get tired of it.

1. Edward and Bella, Twilight. I'm not sure I even need to write about this-was there a doubt in your mind that this kiss to end all kisses would snag the top spot? And don't think that I won't revise this list for the future-they might take over the whole thing!

Hopefully, things will return to normal here in my little, humble blog, and I won't have to complete another gigantic list.


Jessica Marie said...

I just have to say that I stumbled on your blog and absolutely love it! My favorite movies that I first watched with you was Anne of Green Gables and National Velvet! (just had to tell you).

Anonymous said...

Great blog and seeing Anne of Green Gables in there just brings back wonderful nostalgia for me. As for great movie kisses may I recommend the stolen kiss in the movie A Room with a View? Cause that scene just took my breath away.