Monday, July 20, 2009

Lovers, keep on the road you're on...

Monday, July 20, 2009

I have made no secret of my love for that incredible, source-of-all-that-is-good-and-pure-in-the-world-of-music band of Brits we all affectionately know as Coldplay. Yes, I've paid many precious pennies to ensure that I take in their performances, downloaded every speck of song I can find, followed not one, but MULTIPLE groups on Twitter relating to them, ruthlessly terrorized those who denigrate them in any way...I'm kind of hardcore. About Coldplay, anyway. It should come as no surprise that my fifth concert was, yet again, one of my most memorable life experiences.

Incidentally, our seats were the best I've had yet, providing a fabulous view of the band and Chris Martin's marionette-like moves. Of course I cannot leave you without a few of my favorite images, AND videos! You should know that both Jess and I concluded that the only negative aspect of the otherwise perfect evening was that the crowd was somewhat lacking. Granted, we'd never seen CP in an outdoor venue before, so that could have had something to do with it, BUT STILL! You should know that in the videos, it's me that you hear screaming as the opening strains of the songs emerge from the stage. The sole, shrill, scream in a lackadaisical crowd. Also, the videos are somewhat Guy Berryman-centric. I am not sure how that occurred. Hmm.

What appeared to be an eagerly anticipating crowd. Sadly, only about 3/4 of them joyously celebrated through the evening.

First song. I'm pretty sure it was "Violet Hill." I was beside myself with glee, so I'm not entirely certain.

"Fix You." Be still, my heart!

"Yellow." Always sheer perfection, and of course, the quintessential audience favorite.

I'm honestly not sure about the song, but I love the picture. I love watching Chris play the piano.

"Viva la Vida"!!! SUCH an amazing song to see performed!

My favorite song off the new album, "Lovers in Japan"-those are the thousands of paper butterflies shooting out towards the audience. We captured quite a few. I was quite competitive about them, actually. I might even have leaned out of my own aisle just so that I could have a blue one.

I don't know, but I fear it's possible I might wither away (musically, that is) in all the years left before they head back to the studio to make another album. They're the best.

I must trudge back to the living room (AWAY from the computer), so that I can finish Little Dorrit, which is truly wonderful and deserves my full attention. Perhaps I"ll turn on some Coldplay while reading?

P.S. Sound quality isn't so great in the videos, I know, but it was LOUD and I also am no whiz at editing. It's my humble attempt to capture an AMAZING memory!

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