Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 5 Wednesday

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It’s always something of a struggle to find the necessary amount of inspiration for blogging when I’m away from home. Sometimes, there are more practical, tangible barriers to my writing, such as limited wireless access or lack of electrical outlets. Most often, though I just find it difficult to concentrate when I’m not in my normal writing space, my little breakfast nook in my sunshiny yellow kitchen.

I’m pleased to announce, however, that despite the tardiness of this week’s top 5 list, I’m quite happy with it. In honor of season finale week, I have compiled a group of my favorite, most memorable television finales. I am quite vocal about my unabashed, unashamed love of good television, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this week’s final episodes of the season. I don’t even feel too badly about my late post, especially considering that all my faves will be airing tomorrow. I’m full of anticipation! Will Izzie die? Will Michael Scott reunite with Holly? Are the Beastie Boys really going to make an appearance on 30 Rock? And most importantly, what will REALLY occur between Booth and Bones? Perhaps one ore more of these episodes might crack this list for next year.

5. Grey’s Anatomy, Season 2. A short, 10-episode first season got viewers hooked on the drama at Seattle Grace, but it wasn’t until the conclusion of the second that it solidified its reputation as best new drama. So many moments of tragedy and greatness: Izzie waiting in the elevator with her prom dress, Derek’s captivated eyes as Meredith descends the stairs for the prom, Denny’s face pale with death, Alex prying Izzie’s fingers from Denny’s neck and carrying her away, Derek and Meredith’s steamy reunion, all set to the sweeping, overly romantic tones of “Chasing Cars.” Sadly, I don’t think it’s ever been better.

4. Friday Night Lights, Season 3. Yes, it’s a bit of an unconventional choice for a top 5 season finale, but the final moments of Season 3 were unforgettable. All loose ends were left in a state of ambiguity, with Tim unsure about his college football future, Matt undecided about whether to leave his grandmother, Julie wrenched by what she assumes to be an impending breakup, and Tyra eagerly looking towards her college days. There was a campy, ridiculous wedding* (see post title picture) sequence, yes, and loyal viewers agonized over Coach Taylor’s humble refusal to beg for his position at Dillon, but the closing scenes, with our beloved coach gazing across the ruined, run-down football field at East Dillon, replete with peeling paint on wooden stands and a field riddled with tufts of weeds which sprouted amongst patches of dirt, was powerful and compelling. Not surprisingly, the show that barely managed a third season renewal was rapidly renewed for 2 seasons.

3. Alias, Season 2. I wouldn’t put Alias very high on my list of favorite shows-my SH and I really enjoyed the first few seasons, but our interest waned when the plot lines got too ridiculous or complicated. The closing scenes of the second season finale, however, were both shocking and heartbreaking. After making the horrifying discovery that Francie wasn’t really Francie, and barely getting through a brutal fight, Syndey Bristow wakes up in a tiny, nondescript room in an unnamed Asian city, not knowing how or when she arrived. She immediately calls her secret agency number, and is eventually met by her love and partner, the smoldering Vaughn. As he stares with her with an inexpressible sadness, both Sydney and the viewers are confused-we KNOW that Syd and Vaughn have acknowledged their love to each other, albeit recently, so what in the world could be wrong? Then Sydney catches a glimpse of a gold band firmly attached to Vaughn’s wedding finger, and he tells her that she has been gone, missing, lost-for TWO YEARS! Gah! A collective gasp could be heard ‘round the country!

2. 24, Season 1. I hate to be lame and typical and refer to 24’s first season as “groundbreaking”, but it was! We found a new, incredible action hero in Jack Bauer, and his efforts to protect a soon-to-be beloved president made for great television. The hour-by-hour format was fresh and new, and each episode contained countless twists and turns. Of all the finales on my list, this one is the most shocking, for the colossal twist that the writers unleashed upon the newly addicted viewers. We’d spent a whole season enmeshed in the assassination attempt and Jack’s attempts to prevent it, largely aided by his colleague and former lover, Nina Myers. Finding out that she was the CTU mole was truly jawdropping, but hardly more so than the death of Teri Bauer. We had been lulled into a false sense of security by Jack’s discovery of Nina as the mole, but we never dreamed the cold-hearted villainess would murder Jack’s wife. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach thinking about that scene.

1. The Office, Season 2. Did anyone really doubt that “Casino Night” would not be my number one season finale? It’s the best cliffhanger on my list! After two seasons of watching what surely would be a great relationship develop between Jim and Pam, the viewers were rewarded with a declaration of love (on Jim’s part) and a first kiss. We had to wait through the summer to find out the consequences of that kiss-Pam decides to go through with her wedding to Roy and Jim moves to Stamford-and it was PAINFUL. All is well in Scranton, now, however! I hear that the "honor of our presence will be requested for a fall wedding."

Did I leave anything just GREAT out? What finales are you looking forward to the most?

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