Friday, May 15, 2009

"It's going to take a long time, and then it's perfect."

Friday, May 15, 2009

And so ends the fifth season of The Office, a perfectly sweet conclusion to what has arguably been one of the best seasons. Say what you will about the episodes that weren't chock-full of laughs, the writers have made a concerted, successful effort to carefully craft and develop each character. Michael, as emotionally vulnerable and socially awkward as ever, found a true soulmate in Holly Flax, and despite being separated by distance and other relationships, he sweetly, eloquently stated in last night's finale that they will have a "long story." Angela got her just deserts when her infidelity was finally revealed, but it would seem that Dwight might consider un-shunning her by next season. Andy might just find love with the adorable new receptionist. Ryan is back as a temp, a position that he fully deserves, what with his corporate malfeasance and drug habit. Phyllis is just a little saucier, and is proving to be a clear voice of reason to counteract Michael's vengeful fits of hurt feelings, reminding him that he let them all down when he left to start the Michael Scott Paper Company.

And Jim and Pam...what WASN'T great about them this season? Rarely has such a popular television relationship managed to escape the tendency towards the over-dramatic that many other shows insist upon writing in, to "keep it interesting." I think that's because it's not an unusual relationship-it's just a good example of a real life one. The two characters are funny and clever, whether together or separate, and their chemistry has not waned just because they're happy. The concluding scene, the big reveal, could not have been handled better-witnessing the news from behind the window only made it more poignant, and John Krasinski was just superb as he stepped out to call Dwight back, barely containing his emotion.

Ah, the sixth season really can't get here fast enough!


The White House said...

Didn't you love it!? I thought it was so great...

Good thing we have the Bachelorette with our friend Jillian to hold us over until Jim and Pam get back!

Jeb said...

Best show on TV...except for LOST.