Friday, August 29, 2008

Morning Routine

Friday, August 29, 2008

My current situation, that of a stay-at-home, non-Mom, housewife, has caused me to dwell a bit more heavily on the original purpose of my blog, which was essentially to write only about what I cooked and read. A perfect purpose for me, really, when I have a full-time job that occupies my thoughts for most of the time. As things stand now, I see no reason why I can't just write about any old thing that comes to mind.

Thus, I decided to write about my new morning routine. As you can see from the picture above, this routine consists of a delicious bowl (or two!) or Cocoa Beach (for more on this divine breakfast, read my previous post), a cookbook to peruse, and an episode of Top Chef in the background, all accompanied by a hot cup of coffee and a few shiny, bright fresh strawberries. Ah, how relaxing! Nothing could be better. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I prefer such a combination to the New York Times. I should be more aware of the goings-on in our world, but I'd much rather read about grilled blue cheese burgers and blackberry lemonade. Hearing the drama and dishes in the tension-filled kitchens on Top Chef not only inspires me to get into the kitchen and cook for myself for lunch but also entertains me greatly. There is something comforting for me in watching old episodes of TV shows that I love-one of my favorite things to do is to have Friends playing on my computer while I'm cooking. Sounds a little weird and TV-obsessed, I know, but it's undeniably calming.

Unfortunately, I have to end my morning routine a bit early today. My in-laws are returning from a two-week trip and I'm going to vacuum, do the laundry, get some groceries, and pretty much clean the house from top to bottom. All the more reason for me to feel not one bit guilty for having that extra bowl of Cocoa Beach.

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