Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I could have included this in my latest "browsing history" post, which, I PROMISE, is forthcoming. However, Molly's book trailer truly deserves its own post.  I am ridiculously excited about Delancey.  A Homemade Life is one of my favorite books in general (outside of the cookbook category, even!)-I've read it over and over, and I feel about it the same way one might feel about a warm, familiar blanket.  There is something intimate and welcoming about Molly's writing-she is funny and wry to be sure, but also emotional.  You feel as if you know her personally once you've read even a chapter or two.  Sometimes I will stop in the midst of a page (or blog post) and wish that I could just talk to her.  As though she is my old friend.

Needless to say, Delancey was long ago pre-ordered for me. I'm pretty sure I placed my order on the day that it became an option.  There wasn't even any cover art at the time.  I know, I might have a problem.

If you haven't read A Homemade Life, I highly recommend it (obviously).  It happens to be a Kindle Monthly 100 Pick for February, which means that it's only $1.99.  Far more exciting than the price is the fact that if you do order it as an ebook now, you'll receive a bonus chapter of Delancey.  I'm jealous (it should not surprise you that I own the book in both print and ebook formats).

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