Saturday, December 7, 2013

back again

Saturday, December 7, 2013
I chose to linger here instead of writing a beautifully composed blog post about it.  Can you blame me?

It's officially been so long since I composed a blog entry that it took me two tries to sign into my Blogger account.  I had a nice long stretch of doing quite well, as you'll notice, and then TWO MONTHS of radio silence.  To be fair, I have been mightily distracted, in a good way.  The beginning of fall has always been my favorite time, and as nice as long summer days might be, I far prefer the predictable routine that comes along when school starts again, even though my little guy is years away from attending.  We've been stacking up the play dates again, attending MOPS once a week (that stands for Moms of Preschoolers, just so you know), making trips to the farm and zoo, and loving every minute of our first quarter of music class.  There have been pumpkin patches, drives to the beach, and a trip to the Christmas tree farm to do some chopping-yes, it really has been that long.

I always feel more contented when I do a bit of blogging-this space is essentially for myself, though I'm always glad to think one or two people might catch something I've read.  True, my posts can be light and frothy, but I do have a few good recipes up my sleeve since I've last written, and I can offer some solid book recommendations.  This is a great year for the movies, and I have lots to say about that.  All to say, once more, as I've done many times, I will aspire to return to my little spot of the Internet, hopefully with offerings not just frivolous but interesting and useful.  I have missed being here.

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