Sunday, January 20, 2013

golden globes 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Most of the time, I'm extremely contented by the fact that we don't have cable. We are able to satisfy our television addiction with our Apple TV and Mac Mini-quite the winning combination-and end up feeling virtuous for not having paid extra for a bunch of money for channels we don't watch and commercials we abhor.

The one time that I am regretful about this is, unsurprisingly, awards season.  Movie awards, obviously.    They are simply not popular enough to warrant decent live streams, so instead of being able to watch them online, I have to make travel arrangements. Clearly, I'm kind of hard core about these things.

Imagine my happiness when I got a call from what could only be a desperate cable company, telling me that I can have basic cable with my internet for $10 less than what we are already paying!  Finally, my beloved awards shows in the comfort of my own home!

So, with no further adieu, my fave gowns from the 2013 Golden Globes awards.  On the whole, a bit disappointing.  I'm hoping they were all saving the best for last.

5. Jessica Alba.  There is a bit of self-loathing involved in this choice, mainly because I'm not sure what Jessica Alba has done in order to deserve attending an awards show.  And I hate the purse.  The dress, however, is gorgeous.

4. Kate Hudson. I think part of the reason I enjoyed this choice is the entire look, including the long golden locks.  At first, I wasn't sure I liked it at all.   Upon closer examination, however, I decided it was a refreshing addition to the collection of black gowns.

3. Sally Field.  I often find myself irritated with the stars who can't make adventurous choices on those two or three nights a year when they have the opportunity.  This gown is an example of a safe choice that turned out to be lovely and appropriate.  I will say that it would not have made the list if it were black instead of midnight blue.

2. Naomi Watts. A beautiful, interesting gown for a beautiful actress.  I don't think she'll be disappointing at the Oscars either.

1. Michelle Dockery.  Hands down my favorite.  It's exactly what I want to see, an unconventional dress worn with confidence.  It didn't hurt that Lady Mary appeared blissfully happy throughout the entire evening.

Other highlights?  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it.  Best hosts since I've started watching awards shows.  I particularly appreciated Kevin Costner's acceptance speech.  Robert Pattinson appeared.  Adele was adorable.  And this:

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