Monday, January 17, 2011

Awards season has begun!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Last night heralded the beginning of awards season, with the deliciously lightweight Golden Globes airing here at the most lovely early hour of 5 pm. Of course I have planned for the afternoon for weeks, determining precisely what time the red carpet shows began and when I should arrive at my dear mother-in-law's house to watch (we don't have cable). I don't care nearly as much about the actual Globes, far preferring the Oscars, but in a way these are a bit more fun, like watching a light romantic comedy instead of a deeply moving drama. Plus, we get a dose of television stars too!

The fashion, unfortunately, was for the most part sorely lacking. There were some downright horrific choices, and I had to carefully consider my favorites. I'm hoping things will shape up by the time the Oscars rolls around.

5. Emma Stone. I debated this choice because I am disappointed that Emma, for whom I have a great affection, has become so excessively thin. It's just not right! Despite that disturbing quality, however, I thought she looked stunning. I'll be the first to admit that I prefer her red tresses, but as she is currently playing the new Mary Jane in the new Spiderman film, blonde will have to do.

4. Olivia Wilde. Lots of critics hated this dress, but I must include it. It's the kind of thing I would have wanted to wear, were I a celebrity attending the GG's. I get irritated watching the shows when the celebs play it safe and wear tons of black and uninteresting necklines. This was glamourous, even if the people who really know fashion disagree.

3. Mila Kunis. The photos of this dress really don't do it credit. It was truly stunning on television, more of a deep, shimmery emerald green. Mila's makeup was dark and dramatic, and the whole look suited her perfectly. An excellent choice, particularly considering that she must have known, as part of the Black Swan cast, that she would get a fair amount of air time.

Ooops! How did that get in here?

2. Anne Hathaway. I'll be the first to admit that I would never wear such a gown. It's glitzy, sparkly, and tight, with somewhat questionable shoulders. However, Anne absolutely MADE the dress. It looked stunning on television, and was easily the most fashionable gown of the night. She stood out in a very good way, though I'm the sure the super-low cut in the back didn't hurt. Interesting note: Armani Prive is credited with the design of this gown and also my least favorite of the night (see below).

1. Kyra Sedgwick. I LOVED this whole look! The picture truly doesn't capture how lovely the whole ensemble was, despite the tangerine shade of the dress. Paired with the turquoise and gold earrings, it was beautiful! I'm probably biased because I love those shades together and would definitely wear the whole thing myself if given the chance. Rose probably won't feel the same way.

Worst, most hideous choices of the evening:

Michelle Williams: Bless her heart.
Natalie Portman: Being pregnant is no excuse for this gown!
Angelina Jolie: The lack of attention she pays to fashion is becoming insulting to the general public.

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