Wednesday, September 22, 2010

indian summer playlist

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have decided that it's simply not enough to stick to four seasons this year, for just as rapidly as I've worn out one playlist, another seems to take its place. I probably shouldn't attempt to impose my musical brilliance upon my few readers, but I think I might be getting the hang of creating a decent list. This one, which I've been tweaking for the past month, has been cycling on my Ipod over and over lately. I'm pretty sure that it's one of my best. As usual, I must give almost all credit to Rose.

killed myself when I was young-a.a. bondy, friday night lights soundtrack volume ii. You must attempt to ignore the morbid nature of the song's title, because let me tell you, what I conjure upon listening to this song is the image of Tim Riggins driving away from college in his brokedown black pickup, tossing his textbooks out the window into a green pasture somewhere outside of Austin. And that is not a bad picture at all! Both volumes of the soundtrack for my beloved FNL are excellent, though I have found this second offering to be far superior.

radioactive-kings of leon. As previously noted, I am beside myself with excitement about the Kings new album, though it doesn't drop until OCTOBER 19-a veritable ETERNITY. Thank goodness for the Itunes pre-order privilege of instant access to this first single. Behold, Caleb and brothers + one cousin frolicking in an idyllic Tennesseean summer afternoon, with only the most adorable children on the planet. And I must mention again, Caleb holding a baby? I can only handle so much.

the wrestle-frightened rabbit. A subtle gem, this song. I dismissed it initially, but found myself particularly enjoying listening to it with my windows rolled down one afternoon on a trip back from Santa Cruz. Yes, I live quite the rough life.

trying my best to love you-jenny lewis. I love to sing along with Jenny Lewis and pretend that my meager voice can compare with her soulful, deceptively strong, high-pitched one.

my love-sia, eclipse soundtrack. Sia's whispery, moody voice is highly addictive. I could listen to it all day. The fact that this song accompanies the most romantic scene in Eclipse has absolutely nothing to do with its inclusion on my playlist. No, not at all. What's that? Did someone mention a "leg hitch"?

gray or blue-jaymay. Yet again, bff Rose came through with this lovely light summer pearl of a song. I'll admit that there are days I actually avoid reading her tweets and FB postings because I have no impulse control when it comes to purchasing the songs she finds.

slow show-the national. I caught a few minutes of The National's set a few years ago at Austin City Limits, and though I was definitely intrigued, I didn't invest a lot of time in looking into them. BIG mistake. HUGE! There is something absolutely bewitching about the deep, throaty baritone of lead singer Matt Berninger. The songs have a dark, terribly romantic feel about them, too. I couldn't help myself and practically bought the entire discography one afternoon.

swimming-florence + the machine. Even now, months since I composed my winter playlist and discovered Florence Welch, I cannot stop listening. She absolutely nailed her recent live performance at the MTV VMA's, as pictured above, during which she managed to dance, jump up and down, and still belt out each powerful note all while wearing a diaphanous, drapey gown that would certainly have caused anyone else to trip over their own feet.

at or with me-jack johnson. Oh, Jack Johnson. So pleasantly reliable. Like a big slice of chocolate cake with a glass of ice cold milk. No matter what, you know you're going to like it. You didn't know that the adorable Hawaiian could be funny? It's a lovely surprise, isn't it?

40 day dream-edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. I give the band credit for its inventive name alone. This particular tune is delightfully old-fashioned, and I find myself swaying to it at the funniest moments, like when I'm dealing with my giant sink full of sudsy, steaming water and loads of unwashed dishes.

perfect time-we shot the moon. I shan't reveal the source of this song. Never. I couldn't possible admit to you that I may have heard it whilst watching a fanmade video of a certain celebrity pair for which I have an inappropriate obsession. My pathetic truly knows no bounds.

suburban war-arcade fire. Whew. What a refreshing break from the humiliation of my previous song. Not a soul could criticize this addition, from indie fave Arcade Fire. They received almost exclusively five-star reviews for the new album, and I have been enjoying it immensely. There's a sort of vintage, Eagles-like feel to this song.

laredo-band of horses. I'm really starting to warm up to Band of Horses. They're a sort of strange beast, I'll admit. I can't quite figure them out, but for now, I'll enjoy listening to songs the like of "Laredo," with such charming lyrics as "Are you having troubles in droves?"

goin' to acapulco-calexico and jim james, i'm not here soundtrack. Our Joey, as you'll know that I call my husband's errant best friend, introduced me to this dreamy, lilting tune. He and I listened to it practically on repeat as we drove around town every day in search of new discoveries at Trader Joe's for dinner. Jim James is the lead singer of My Morning Jacket, and his distinctive voice does justice to Dylan's original version, in my humble opinion.

james-camera obscura. Though this song certainly has nothing at all to do with my life, you might still find me, headphones stuffed in my ears, singing along with this tale of heartbreak at the hands of someone named James. I adore Camera Obscura.

if it's the beaches-the avett brothers, friday night lights soundtrack, volume ii. This is only the most romantic song I've heard, possibly ever. Another treasure from FNL, I really hope I can remember the scene where it was played. I can only imagine that it was a wonderful one. Hold out past the slightly strange voiceover. You do not want to miss the last bit. "If it's the mountains' bending rivers than you will have them..."

bloodbuzz ohio-the national. Yes, the song title is a bit odd. The moody background + Matt Berninger's voice overcomes the weirdness of the lyrics. Somehow I don't care at all what he's saying when I listen to this song.

the only exception-paramore. I couldn't help including this lovely Top 40 tune. I'm sure quite a few of us have heard it this summer, but I've yet to tire of it.

life on earth-band of horses, eclipse soundtrack. A fitting end to my Indian summer, I believe. This song is a soothing lullaby, a gentle melody perfect for warm evenings gradually turning cooler.

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