Monday, June 7, 2010

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Monday, June 7, 2010

So the MTV Movie Awards, my fave, were on last night. For the record, I've always loved 'em, as most people who enjoy movies of all sorts do. It has not a single thing in the world to do with my unhealthily lingering Twilight addiction. Admit it-it's loads of fun watching clever skits, funny riffs on popular movies of the year, and cool awards like "Best Villain", "Best Kiss", and my personal new fave, "Best Scared as S*** Moment" (Hey, we all know I love a good scary movie). Even if said skits are sometimes lame.

Predictably, the Twilight crew handily breezed through the show, collecting every award possible. And no, I did NOT vote for them. I have not stooped to that level, people! I'm not that kind of fan! My SH was a total gem for sitting through the awards with me, a real prince. He even laughed a bit-which he SHOULD have-at Tom Cruise's hilarious return as lewd Les Grossman. Of course, I'm sure he was laughing inwardly at my pathetic when the Eclipse clip finally aired.

Still. So. Excited.

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txjewels34 said...

June 29th Midnight...Im counting the hours