Saturday, November 28, 2009


Saturday, November 28, 2009
Despite having very justifiable reasons for my lack of posting over the past few months, I cannot help but feel saddened and even a bit guilty for letting my blog sit untouched, like a much-loved book gathering dust on the shelf. It is such a comfort to me, no matter how much I document the trivial and meaningless, or how few readers I may actually have. I look forward to when I am more readily able to carve time out of the day for writing about some of the wonderful books I've read, and I continue to stockpile images from dishes I have deemed successful and blog-worthy. It's been a difficult autumn, undoubtedly the hardest time I have ever faced, and I vacillate from feeling overwhelmed and burdened to having a resolute sense of staunch faith. There are some big changes coming up, and I may have to commit to making some decisions I never would have dreamed of, but are now altogether necessary. As I navigate these unfamiliar waters, I plan to drift back to my blog more and more, writing not just about my favorite tv couples or my Twilight fixation, but also more about music, more about books, and DEFINITELY more about food. I may stick with the light things for a while, but I'll be back in full swing soon. Until then, I must note some of the more egregious events, thoughts, and general tidbits that I have neglected to comment upon.

Chris Martin performed solo for charity in Mountain View, mere miles from me, and I DID NOT ATTEND! Among the glorious acts I missed was an acoustic cover of "Earth Angel." My mind cannot even begin to fathom the deliciousness of Chris Martin singing the words "Will you be mine..."

I finally got around to seeing X Men: Origins, Wolverine, which I watched for the sole purpose of supporting Taylor Kitsch, better known to me as Tim Riggins, #33, football hero and consummate townie, principal character of my beloved Friday Night Lights. If you have not yet been exposed to the wonder that is this show, I suggest you start immediately. It. Is. The. Best. Poignant and powerful, with the most complex and well-developed characters on television, hands down. It is a crime, a CRIME, that it has been snubbed time after time during awards season. Besides being interesting, occasionally funny, and an impressive depiction of a very real tradition in some pockets of America, it is incredibly emotional. I have been known to say that at times when I'm watching, I feel as though my heart as literally been pulled from my chest and wrung viciously. It can be gut-wrenching. Like the moment when Luke Cafferty, new running back for the East Dillon Lions...oh, shoot. I'm getting all choked up! Ay!

I was nothing short of thrilled when Wolf Hall finally became available on my Kindle. I'm kind of obsessed with the story of Henry VIII, which somehow never gets boring-one can always count on a new, fresh take on the "mercurial monarch", whether it's Jonathan Rhys-Myers tempestuous, petulant king on The Tudors or exhaustive biographies of Anne Boleyn. This fictional tale focuses on the life of Thomas Cromwell, a formidable figure who rapidly rose to power as Henry's right-hand man, but, like so many others before him, did not manage to avoid the blade. I'm only four chapters in, and it's already riveting. If only I didn't have to keep pounding the books about the plague...

Imagine my sadness at discovering, on MULTIPLE occasions, that previous commitments would keep me from ever seeing my Kings in concert (at least on this tour). Enter my newly acquired concert DVD, the second best thing. I am not ashamed to admit that I sat approximately one foot away from the tv, completely transfixed by Caleb's vocal stylings. Yes, I merely admire his musical ability. That is all.

Yup, the mania has already begun. 6/30/10. In my defense, Eclipse is my favorite of the series. It's only natural that I should MOST eagerly anticipate the film. I think the poster is a nice homage to the "fire and ice" quote in the opening pages of the book.

Well, I suppose this is enough for now...I'm off to indulge our newfound fascination with Modern Family. Hilarious.

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