Tuesday, May 20, 2014

queen bey

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
This is has been quite the week for Beyonce.  Much bigger, and not for the reasons she would like, I'm sure, than the 100% out-of-the-blue album drop of 2013.  As is my wont, I am going to opt out of commenting about the actual story and instead relish the delightful mockery that inevitably came out of it.

Ironically, this video debuted the same weekend of the elevator scandal, but before its details were made known.  It's the best.

And here we have an inspired SNL cold open.  Jay Pharoah's Jay is near perfect, but it's Maya Rudolph's cameo that takes the skit over the top.

If only my favorite of all the takes on Beyonce and pop culture were available...Justin Timberlake takes on Single Ladies with Paul Rudd as a director.  Now that's a gem.

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