Monday, July 1, 2013

taking a little break

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tonight I'm going to take a little blogging rest.  I managed to get through June with a post EVERY day, and while there were a few trailers and picture posts, most had at least a little substance. I'm not sure how I will tackle July-my thesis continues to loom, and A will turn TWO in just a few short days, so there will be lots of prep and celebrating going on around here. I hope to be fairly consistent-it's been a refreshing change for me, writing a little something that's not school-related and just for fun.

I'm leaving you with a photo of one of A's new favorite activities: playing with the muffin tin.  He has a set of wooden fruit that can be halved (from Melissa and Doug, where else?) and he loves to put the pieces in the muffin tin compartments.  There's a whole world of muffin tin activities out there, actually, so I'm excited that he's figured out that such a simple household item can be fun.

Happy July to all....

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