Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013
As it turns out, all of my hand-wringing and obsessing over the past few months was for naught...I will, indeed, be needing to spend a bit more time in the upcoming months revising and strengthening my thesis, which I originally planned to turn in on May 1.  Rather than wallow in discouragement, I will instead revel in the fact that I can relax a bit more.  Post about my three favorite kale recipes, which I've lately been making over and over.  Document my little guy's latest faves.  And, of course, share all of my little Internet treasures.

-Daily Dot/Facebook March Madness maps.  Sadly, I'm linking to this when it is no longer March.  My beloved alma mater not only took a tumble in the Elite Eight, but will be forever associated with the horrifying incident of Louisville's Kevin Ware suffering a catastrophic leg break.  Let the record show, the injury was not caused by a Duke player.  I am also proud to say that we lost to the eventual victor.

-Mr. Pamuk will be Four. You seriously need to join this bandwagon, Twilight/Hunger Games/generally great YA fiction fans.  Bonus: no love triangle!  Kate Winslet is also signed on for the movie, which should give you a general idea about the overall quality of the work.

-10 best kitchen items to buy at Ikea.  If I had enough room in my kitchen, I would definitely get the cart, and I love the towels.

-Favorite funny people reenacting John Hughes films. Pretty much all the funny people you can think of, actually.

-Chloe and Ben as Jim and Pam????? Can you imagine? Preliminary casting call sheet from the early days of The Office.  As the mockumentary nears its series finale, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic.  The writers have handled the impending end with finesse, bringing out a few faces from behind the camera to add to the tension and story line.  Last week's episode saw our fave office staffers checking out the "promos" for the "documentary", which brought back some very fond Jim and Pam memories.

-Interesting commentary on the gluten-free craze and how it affects those who legitimately suffer from celiac's disease.

-The history of Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally's awesome marriage. Did you know that Ron Swanson is actually married to Tammy 2?

-A nursery makeover after my own heart!   I am always thinking about ways to incorporate books into the design of baby A's room or play room.  I love the Penguin book covers used here.

-Cutty is officially a series regular on The Walking Dead.  I was wondering when Rick was going to figure out it was a HUGE mistake to let him go!

-Latest trailer for The Great Gatsby.  Perhaps it was a good idea to push it forward and give it some space away from the heavy Oscar bait films that were packed in around its original release date.

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