Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012
We have been UNBELIEVABLY busy the past few weeks.  All caps is necessary to truly express the level of craziness that ensues with yet another set of flights for baby, family wedding, Thanksgiving festivities, not one but two dreadful bouts of sniffles/sad coughs, and a lovely weekend celebrating my dear MIL's 60th birthday in the gorgeous but decidedly bird-stalked Bodega Bay.  I have a LOT of fun internet gets better and better as the holidays descend upon us.

50 products you can't live without, via Bon Appetit's Seal of Approval. I will probably have to print out the entire list, minus the mayo, of course.

21 classic opening lines in books. I'm predictably partial to Dickens.

John Krasinski loves his wife. Ah!  It's like Jim in real life.  It IS Jim in real life.

Daryl Dixon's playlist. You know you want to listen.

The Daily Dot says what all of us amateur foodies are thinking.  (rather, thought, considering that I'm posting a full two weeks post-Thanksgiving).

Joy the Baker (and SK, and Homesick Texan!) swaps cookies with Ina Garten!

The story behind Zou Bisou Bisou. I still have trouble getting this confection of a song out of my head.

2012 movie trailer mashup.  I was surprised at how many scenes I didn't recognize.  Perhaps I'm off on my game?  The more likely culprit for my film inadequacies is a certain pint-sized treasure that keeps me on my toes and away from the movie theaters!

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