Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sunday, September 30, 2012

I wanted to write about Homeland because it is easily some of the best television I have seen in years.  The general story lines are riveting and intense, and the acting is exceptional.  Claire Danes is a tour de force.  There was a moment in the first season where I literally gasped with astonishment at her skill.  I wasn't one of the hardcore initiates into the My So-Called Life fan club, and though what little I saw of her portrayal of Temple Grandin impressed me, I never paid Danes much attention.  I have been very, very wrong.

Thus, if you loved Angela Chase, Homeland is for you.  And also if you were a 24 fanatic.  Or if you would like to see Damian Lewis in a role other than Captain Winters.  Heck, if you appreciate quality television at all, this show is truly a safe bet.

For the uninitiated:

A convenient character-based recap, via

New York Times previews the second season. (SPOILER ALERT!)

My fave tv freak, Michael Ausiello, breaks down what he knows about Season 2.

P.S.  Homeland and its cast swept the Emmys last weekend.  You'll be jumping onto a popular, crowded bandwagon when you tune in!

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Jamie said...

We are on the Homeland Bandwagon! After it won everything at the Emmy's we spent all week watching season one on demand and just finished last night. We are so excited about it tonight. Its intensity reminds me of our 24 days but 24 never consumed my dreams or disturbed me quite like Homeland does. I'm hoping it's just because we spent every spare second watching it all week. I really felt nervous and suspicious of everyone all week
Hope y'all are well!