Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the african queen

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Design Sponge is certainly one of my favorite blogs, but I can't say that I visit it every day.  Perhaps I feel intimidated by the designing that I'll never be creative enough to recreate?  The "living in" feature, however, always reels me in, and today's selection, The African Queen, is one of the best so far. The African Queen was one of the few mom-approved movies that we were able to watch as children, and I've probably seen it hundreds of times.  I didn't read the novel until I was older (one of those times when seeing the movie first killed my motivation, a shame really), but I loved it as well.  My sister often says that Katherine Hepburn's laugh is just like our grandmother's, who we loved more than you can imagine.

I heartily encourage you to visit "living in: The African Queen"-yes, I've linked it up not once, but twice.  The Edwardian silk camisole!  The antique gin bottle!  I can imagine Rose Sayer pouring every last drop of gin into the murky swamp waters now.

Side note 1: How embarrassed am I that I have never seen Casablanca (GASP!) yet am utterly familiar with Bogart as the crusty sailor escorting the missionary Katherine Hepburn out of Africa?

Side note 2: The movie holds such fond memories for me that when the special edition Blu Ray came out, I purchased it immediately.

Here's the mildly inappropriate trailer, in all its Technicolor low quality glory:

Perhaps I'll watch it tonight.

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