Friday, July 9, 2010

supersize summer playlist

Friday, July 9, 2010

I simply could not contain myself when it came to creating my summer playlist. There was a plethora of great music on the radio (hence the inclusion of two extremely top 40 types on my playlist), Pretty Cheap Dress was on a veritable Shazam-ing tear, tweeting new and irresistible pearls of goodness every five minutes, and on top of it all, the Eclipse soundtrack came out. I have no self-restraint.

Dog Days Are Over-Florence + the Machine. For the record, I have loved and listened to this song LONG before TPTB felt free to feature it in the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love. I cannot tell you how much I adore the whole album. I've always been drawn to songs with subtle, quiet beginnings that build up to something much greater in the chorus. Practically every song on the album is that kind of awesome.

All Yours-Metric. This particular gem, an anthemic, uplifting pop-y love song, was heavily employed throughout my most beloved Twilight Saga: Eclipse. I don't think the actual song was featured even once, but it provided the backbone for the score, and was incorporated in various romantic scenes throughout the film. Yes, I've already seen and scrutinized twice. I fully expect to be judged.

The World is Full of Strangers-Camera Obscura. I like to think of my supersize summer playlist as a bit vintage. The moment you hear Camera Obscura I think you'll know what I mean. There is something delectably old-fashioned about it, like the bewitching voice of lead singer Tracyanne Campbell might have fit in better in the 60's. They're from Scotland, by the way. My Anglophilia continues.
Crimson and Clover-Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. For some inexplicable reason, this song just seems perfect for driving on a hot summer day with the windows open.

Safety Dance-Glee Cast. Unquestionably my favorite Glee number. I find myself dancing in the car whenever it comes on.

Blood-The Middle East. In the midst of her summer musical discoveries, I had to tell Pretty Cheap Dress (otherwise known as my bff Rose, my kindred spirit, my Diana) that I simply could NOT keep downloading all of her recommendations. It would break the bank! After that, we worked out a system in which I knew that songs she tweeted about were the truly special, and Facebook-linked songs might be respectfully and regretfully set aside. I still wish I could just get them all. No one knows music better than my friend. This quiet, unusual song is a perfect example. It took me a while to warm up to it, but even months later, the last few chords often linger in my mind. Bonus: beautiful album cover.

Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)-B.o.B. Every once in a while, one of "those" songs comes on the radio, that you cannot stop humming and grooving to, that you literally WAIT to hear. Here is mine for the summer. I love Hayley Williams, by the way. And could really use a wish right now :)

Woo Hoo-Kings of Leon. I am literally HOURS away from seeing my Kings live for the first time (I'm sure an entire post will ensue). For now, my summer selection to tide me over until that eagerly anticipated day will be this b-track, which seems especially appropriate for the season.

Excuses-The Morning Benders. Another vintage track, and the second recommendation from Pretty Cheap Dress. I swear, this song belongs in 1955. The lyrics are another story, however.

Floating Vibes-Surfer Blood. I cannot get over the cover art (and title!) for this album. It is the epitome of my greatest fear whilst splashing about in the wild waters of the Pacific. I shall choose to ignore both, however, in my quest for enjoyable tunes. I love Floating Vibes, and it seems apropos for a California summer.

Buttons-The Weeks. This song isn't new (a frequent occurrence on my lists) but I find it highly addictive. I discovered it one afternoon on my Kings of Leon Pandora station whilst attacking the unappealing job of vacuuming the whole house. One might be able to understand why I feel affection for it.

End Love-Ok Go. I was sucked in by another viral video from these guys.

What Part of Forever-Cee Lo Green. I'm going to confess right now that there are 4, that's right, FOUR songs from the Eclipse soundtrack on my summer list. And it was difficult to narrow it down to those four, if you want to know the truth. All of the soundtracks to the accompanying movies have been strong, and this is no exception. It's excellent, a great, diverse mix of alternative and independent artists. Cee Lo is half of Gnarls Barkley, incidentally. Love it.

Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna)-Eminem. I'm inexplicably drawn to the violent and undeniably screwed-up rapper, especially when he joins forces with artists like Dido or Rihanna. There is something very appealing about the way his voice sounds when blended with something so delicate and feminine. I'm perfectly aware that this song is currently at #3 on the Itunes Top 100 list. I give in to the masses occasionally!

Hurricane Drunk-Florence + the Machine. Eventually, the whole album will feature on one playlist or another. I'm just going song by song.

The Ghost Inside-Broken Bells. Right now, Broken Bells are an indie darling, beloved by alternative types everywhere. They're so popular that the voluptuous Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men fame, has decided to star in this very video. All I can say is that there is a reason for the hype.

Big Jet Plane-Angus & Julia Stone. Thank you, Grey's Anatomy, for coming through yet again with this solid find. I love the brother/sister duo.

Let's Get Lost-Beck & Bat for Lashes. The third of my 4 Eclipse finds, I might love this one the most. Never mind that I was disappointed that it didn't feature in some grand love scene in the movie. Beck makes up for it.

Kandi-One eskimO. Is it possible for me to keep from downloading the song that played whilst my beloved Seely Booth bid goodbye to Temperance Brennan on the season six finale of Bones? Clearly, I have no willpower.

Careless Love-Camera Obscura. The lilting, dreamy chords of this song have lingered with me on many a warm June evening.

She's Got You High-Mumm-Ra. This song hearkens back to last summer, when I played the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack relentlessly. It's a pearl among many (on that album), and it makes me feel both nostalgic and excited when I play it now.

In My Veins-Andrew Belle. I get choked up when I hear this beautiful and heartbreaking song, though I fully admit it's a bit Matt Kearny-reminiscent, and Andrew Belle might not have the most glittering career ahead of him beyond a prominent spot in the Grey's Anatomy finale.

Heaven (feat. Natalie Merchant)-Brett Dennen. If you must know, I found this one on Grey's Anatomy as well, and it belongs to Owen and Teddy. I'm ashamed to even be typing those characters' names. But not ashamed to admit I love the song.

Streets of Gold-Needtobreathe. I'm definitely very, very LATE to the Needtobreathe party. My sister has been admonishing me, for months, to give them a good listen. I am so very glad that I did. The three songs I've chosen for my summer list are among the most popular, which is fitting for a new fan, I think. This song is far and above my favorite, filling me with exuberant hopefulness.

Missed the Boat-Modest Mouse. One of my Pandora discoveries, on yet another cleaning day, which I find to be intolerable without a good soundtrack.

The Chain-Ingrid Michaelson. A gift from my sister, and probably not unlike what you might come to expect from Ingrid Michaelson.

Ours-The Bravery. The last of my Eclipse songs. I'm always one for listening closely to lyrics, and I feel that these are perfectly suited for the Eclipse storyline. It's possibly that I have just revealed myself to be the lamest, most ridiculously sappy and sentimental person on earth. Please don't judge "Ours" because of me. It's a great song.

Something Beautiful-Needtobreathe. This song is something beautiful. No really, we used it as the soundtrack for our recent home movie detailing my sister's visit, attaching it to a clip of the stunning backdrop of the rugged Northern California coast. It fit perfectly.

Shape Shifter-Local Natives. A relaxing tune, perfect for a nap at the beach. Courtesy of PCD.

The Devil's Tears-Angus & Julia Stone. This song is so sweet my heart could break. It's as though the protagonist has already lost his beloved, but still would die to keep her. Agh! It's too much!

Washed by the Water-Needtobreathe. A great, GREAT song, and profoundly comforting. I'm pretty sure this album, their second, is my favorite. So far, anyway.

Seen Enough-Dryer. Yet another song stolen from television, in this case, Bones. I loved it so much that I had to search relentlessly to find it. As my search was fruitless, I have to content myself with listening to it on YouTube.

The High Road-Broken Bells. I wasn't sold on this song, or the Broken Bells for that matter, until a good two and a half minutes in. At that point, the quirky song shifts into a sweet, piano-highlighted refrain, totally different from the rest of the tune. I was sold.

I'm thinking an "Indian Summer" playlist is in my future...

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I love love love your taste in music. I will pass these on to Caleb, he'll love 'em too! How was KOL?