Monday, January 18, 2010

The best thing about January...

Monday, January 18, 2010

He's back!!

I should preface this post, my little homage to Jack Bauer and the familiar tick of the 24 clock, by saying that I won't be able to watch the first two hours of the premiere until tomorrow. My brilliant, talented SH has developed an entire new entertainment system for us, consisting of a Mac Mini and various other accoutrements, that entailed us completely giving up cable. We can stream Hulu, Netflix, CNN, and various other programs through the wondrous Mac Mini directly to our TV. It was an instant $100 eliminated from our monthly bills, so I know it was a worthwhile investment. I can manage waiting the obligatory day to catch up on my faves on Hulu, I think. Even when it's Jack Bauer, though I'll admit it causes me physical pain to miss the premiere.

As usual, I am TOTALLY PSYCHED for the eighth season. I have noted many times before that I am the type of person that attaches like glue to the things I am interested in, holding tight with unwavering loyalty no matter what criticism or poor performance comes along. Such is my attitude toward 24. I acknowledge that its novelty can fade a bit after some time, and that some seasons are stronger than others, but you can guarantee that I will ALWAYS want to see Jack Bauer save the day, no matter how preposterous the threat.

In defense of my loyalty, you should know that season 8 has already been written up in the NY Times. Granted, the review wasn't what one might call overwhelmingly positive, but the show was praised for being "a terrifying portrait of terrorism." Lovely. I was disappointed to see that She Who Must Not Be Named will reprise her role, but simultaneously thrilled to hear about the conflict between Starbuck and Chloe. What a pair! I literally cannot wait for that inevitable showdown.

My second favorite thing about January is having a holiday immediately after starting up school again, so I think I shall now bask in the glory of not having to wake up in the earliest hours. And look forward to watching Jack again in the evening, one day late.

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Jamie said...

Jason and I LOVE 24 and Jack Baur. The show is definitely a January highlight for us as well. Five plus years ago when I was in the hospital about to have Rhett, we still managed to watch 24 between contractions...haha! It's amazing that the excitment of the show paired with labor pains didn't give me a heart attack...ha!